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Equine Assisted Counseling and Learning
Group or individual sessions with certified horse handler and licensed mental health counselor.
The theory of equine assisted therapy is that horses are non-judgemental and non-verbal.  Therapy is done "on the ground",
so a client's skills at riding and knowledge of horses are not issues.  It's about the human-horse bond.

This therapy can be an effective treatment for issues including: behavioral, depression, anxiety, anger, abuse, eating, conflict,
relationship, self-esteem, and communication.

Clients will discover that horses have personalities and moods; to work with and care for a horse requires effort and thought
and change.  The first success is overcoming any fear of these wonderful animals and learning about yourself in the process.

For safety reasons, therapy sessions must have a trained horseman and a therapist.  Our trained horseman is Carole Sue
Wilson.   In 2006, Carole Sue was certified to assist her daughter Shara Lynn Wilson Wiesenauer, our licensed mental health
counselor.  Shara holds a master's degree in mental health counseling, worked at the Clark County Youth Shelter for 7 1/2
years until 2006, teaches classes at Ivy Tech, counsels at Brandon's House, and has been around horses her entire life.  Both
Shara and Carole Sue have been certified for equine assisted therapy through
EAGALA -- Equine Assisted Growth and
Learning Association, a national nonprofit certification and education organization.
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Bucket - rescued
Bear, an Irish Draught with Caitlyn
Sparky (rescued) and Caitlyn
Rascal, victim of drunk driver accident
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